Using YouTube for business

Clapperboard representing YouTubeOne thing we’ve noticed over the past few years is that social media is becoming more and more visually focused. The introduction of cover photos last year changed the way we use Facebook; Linkedin profiles are now a feast for the eyes; and the massive popularity of apps like Instagram shows that a picture is, indeed, often worth a thousand words. But the most visual of all social media platforms is, of course, YouTube.

Here are a few pointers from us to help you use YouTube for business:

1.    Make a good impression

As with the rest of your social media strands, it’s important that your YouTube channel demonstrates a consistent brand identity, so that it is easily recognised by visitors, and associated with the rest of your online presence. Take the time to create an impactful cover image, and to complement this with a user-friendly colour scheme. (Remember to pay attention to how readable text is – light blue words on a white background might fit in with your company branding, but will be difficult for many users to see.)

2.    Optimise for search

YouTube is now part of Google, so make sure you optimise your videos for search in the same way you would optimise your website. Add keyword tags to your channel, as well as each individual video, and don’t forget to include links within your profile to your company’s website, blog, and other social media platforms.

3.    Interact

Keep the ‘social’ in social media – YouTube is not only about promoting your own videos, but also about participating in a community. Make sure you respond to and engage with the people who comment on your videos, and edit out comments that appear to be spam, otherwise your profile will look neglected. Remember that YouTube also incorporates comments into its search algorithm, which will help decide the search ranking of your video, and increase your reach.

4.    Put your best face forward

A little attention to detail will give your YouTube channel a professional finish and set it apart from the rest. Don’t just accept YouTube’s default settings – make sure the ‘Featured Video’ on your channel is your best, or most relevant, rather than simply the most recent, and take time to go through your existing videos to create custom thumbnails, selecting the clearest and most representative image from within the video. You can also add links within videos, encouraging your viewers to subscribe for more content.

5.    Connect your brand

Add a YouTube widget to your blog, as well as embedding video in your posts, and be sure to include regular links to your YouTube channel on your business’s Facebook and Twitter pages. This will ensure that, even in our age of short attention spans and constant click-throughs, people will spend more time engaged with your brand, across a variety of media channels.

Follow our advice and we’re confident your YouTube channel will be not only a source of entertainment, but yet another way of growing your business and promoting your brand.