Ways to revamp your website for 2014 – Part 2: Content

Revamp your website with new contentWelcome to the second part of our ‘Revamp your website’ series (read Part 1), where we’re looking at way to improve your website’s content.

Revamp your website: Content

Is your business exactly the same as it was a year ago? No? Then chances are you need to revamp your website’s content as well as its design. Here’s how you do it:
Carry out a content audit
It’s time to go through every page on your website, in detail, to establish whether the copy is a) still factually accurate, and b) doing the best possible job of communicating your message:

  • Does your website still talk about products and services you no longer offer? Update these pages.
  • Are there any pages that are failing to attract traffic or generate enquiries even though the information they communicate is accurate? Ask a copywriter to review these pages and tell you why they’re failing.
  • Finally, are there any parts of the site that use more words than they really need to? Edit these pages.

Write fresh content
In addition to re-vamping your existing content, you may decide you want to add new content. Perhaps you’ve introduced a new service, or you want to add a helpful FAQ section. Ask a copywriter to help you or, if you’re writing your own web copy, keep the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle in mind. Always remember that web copy is not about communicating every detail about your product and service, it’s about getting the reader sufficiently interested in your service to make contact with you. Less is more!
Add case studies/ reviews
Other people’s endorsements of your service will always shout louder than your own efforts to win customers. Depending on your industry, incorporate case studies, Linkedin reviews, or other online reviews (e.g. Google, Freeindex, TripAdvisor) into your site. Don’t be tempted to filter out anything negative: instead, demonstrate your commitment to exceptional customer service by quickly responding to and resolving any criticism.
Write a blog
Don’t have a blog? Make 2014 the year you change this. Google is increasingly giving the coveted top spots within its search results to websites that regularly add fresh, original content. A blog is the perfect way to do this – and it’s also a fantastic hub for your social media strategy. If that doesn’t sway you, the prospect of generating 5 x more traffic to your website via regular blogging should do the trick!
Enable sharing
In 2014, users will expect to be able to share anything they find online via their own social platforms – and that includes your website. Make it easy for users to include a link to your content when they update their Facebook and Twitter statuses. There are lots of social sharing tools which enable the user to link to your content with a single click of a button.
Archive old content
David Cameron hit the headlines late last year for all the wrong reasons because his Conservative Party website deleted large swathes of content rather than re-organise or archive it. Don’t make the same mistake!
The final part of our ‘Revamp your website’ series will address your search engine optimisation (SEO) – look out for it next week!