What does a content marketing agency actually do?

What does a content marketing agency actually do?

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The growth in content marketing as a digital marketing tactic has resulted in a large number of companies all calling themselves a content marketing agency. With so many agencies claiming to do the same thing, you’d be forgiven for wondering what they all actually do. This blog looks at the differences between different agencies and how to select the right one for your business.

What is content marketing?

We have written in depth about what content marketing is before, but here’s a quick recap. Content marketing is the creation of branded content for marketing purposes. This content should be relevant to your target audience in a clear way – providing useful information, value-add analysis or engaging entertainment. The aim is to create content that attracts an audience and pulls them in, as opposed to traditional “push” interruptive marketing methods, such as television advertising or display ads. Agencies specialise in producing this content for busy companies who do not have time or resources to generate this internally.

The content marketing landscape

The content marketing landscape is varied and vast. The “content” which your business could brief an agency to produce actually covers a wide array of different formats including:

  • Written content. Including blogs, white papers, trend reports, news articles and how-to guides.
  • Multimedia content. This is an area that’s growing and includes videos, images, infographics and data visualisations.
  • Interactive content. For example, quizzes, calculators, demos, games and competitions.

Different types of content marketing agencies

When it comes to the offerings of a content marketing agency, these are almost as varied as the different types of content out there. Many agencies specialise in a certain type of content production, or marketing channels, so what they do can vary massively:

  • Video content specialists will spend their time planning, creating and producing videos, while interactive agencies are likely to be staffed with developers, rather than writers and editors.
  • Offline production: Although content marketing is primarily used to describe content created online, there are also some agencies whose focus is exclusively on creating offline content for marketing purposes, such as branded magazines.
  • Sector-specific agencies focus on creating content for a certain industry, such as food and drink, action sports, or B2B audiences.

Here at Write My Site, we concentrate on high quality written content to educate and inform. Although our experience predates the existence of the term ‘content marketing’ (which has come into widespread use over the past three years), the creation of high quality written content has always been our primary concern. As we focus on written content, we also have extensive knowledge of SEO, something which isn’t such a big concern for multimedia agencies.

Choosing the right agency

If you’re looking for a content marketing agency, the one that’s right for your business will depend on your requirements. If you are looking to source high quality written content such as blogs, white papers or news articles, then look for a copy-focused agency such as Write My Site. Alternatively, if you are looking for the production of a series of videos, for instance, then a multimedia content agency will better fit your needs.

Whatever your requirements, ensure you check fully, by questioning any agencies you look into hiring, that they can meet the standards your business requires, and really add value for your brand.