Why do I need content for my website?

Why do I need content for my website?

content for my websiteAs a web content agency, a question we hear frequently is: Why do I need content for my website?
Although most websites have static content of some description (such as ‘About Us’ or ‘Services’ pages), content-driven websites are frequently updated with high quality content that achieves two main business goals – attracting visitors and ultimately converting them to customers.

Content to attract visitors

Without dynamic online content, it will be difficult to generate new web traffic. A platform filled (and regularly updated) with interesting, informative or useful website content will attract visitors via inbound channels such as search engines, social media and email marketing links.
Without creating content to answer the questions your audience is searching for, you will probably only get search traffic from people already aware of your brand, who are searching for you by name. Content marketing provides an opportunity to generate traffic from a wide variety of search terms, hugely increasing the number of inbound clicks to your website.
Social media
Without website content to support your social media activity, you are likely to struggle for things to share on your social channels. Sharing useful content will help you increase your following and reach on social media, as well increase the number of people visiting your website via social channels.
Likewise, a good bank of content means you will have plenty of fodder for email marketing campaigns, driving repeat visits to your site from click-throughs.
Great content ideas for attracting visitors:

Converting visitors into followers or customers

Once you have attracted visitors to your website, your content needs to be good enough to convert your visitors into either leads or customers.
Content to generate leads
Once you’ve managed to attract a visitor to your site, ideally you want to find a way to maintain engagement – to continue and deepen your relationship with them. One proven way to do this is to create a compelling piece of content – such as a guide or e-book – in return for which visitors are happy to provide their email address.
Content to convert visitors to customers
Visitors will need to be reassured that you are trustworthy and an expert in what you do, before they commit to purchasing from you. Use ‘how-to’ content to demonstrate and share your expertise – show, rather than tell, visitors that they can trust your business.
Whether you sell directly on your website, or use it to generate more specific project enquiries, your product or service descriptions need to be carefully crafted to persuade visitors they should buy from you. You should provide well-written benefits as well as clear customer service information.
Great content ideas for creating leads and making sales conversions:

Website content is essential for getting results

So, in short, our answer to “Why do I need content for my website?” would be “Why would you not want content?”
Consider instead what would happen if you didn’t invest in quality website content – you would miss a key opportunity to attract new visitors, and converting your fewer visitors into leads or customers would be nearly impossible, especially in the face of competitors who are making use of content marketing. In the newly dynamic digital climate, sparkling website content is essential for businesses to make their online presence – and ultimately their sales – a success.