Why the UK is leading the content marketing revolution

New research from the Content Marketing Institute has shown that UK marketers are doing more, investing more and seeing results more than their international counterparts in content marketing.

The report, entitled Content Marketing in the UK: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends, revealed that 94% of UK marketers are already using content marketing, with 97% of B2C marketers and 95% of B2B marketers on board. When you compare this with the 86% of American B2C marketers, and 89% of their Australian peers who are utilising content marketing, it’s not difficult to see who’s ahead of the game.

Rule Britannia: a celebration of content marketing

UK marketers are out-stripping their international counterparts in every aspect of content marketing. 64% of UK marketers intend to increase their spending on the discipline over the next twelve months, whilst only 54% of US marketers and 61% of Australian marketers will be following suit. Confidence rates are higher on British soil too – in fact, 39% of UK marketers rank themselves as ‘effective’ or ‘very effective’ when it comes to content marketing, compared with 37% of Americans and just 29% of Australians.

“In many respects, content marketing has taken hold in the UK more so than anywhere else. Not only are UK marketers making significant investments in content marketing, they also rate themselves higher in terms of effectiveness,” Joe Pulizzi, founder of the CMI explains.

Taking on the challenge

Despite the differences in adoption and assurance, the challenges that face content marketers appear to be very similar across the globe. During the CMI’s research, the top 3 difficulties were said to be:

  1. Producing enough content (57%)
  2. Producing engaging content (49%) 
  3. Producing a variety of content (39%)

The goals for content marketing are also similar across the board, with the top three listed as:

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Customer acquisition
  3. Engagement

Reaping the benefits

By committing to the investment and testing out the benefits of content marketing, UK marketers are generating the results they need for their companies. Good content marketing strategies work as a cycle, and the understanding that investment is required in order to reap rewards is essential. By allocating a greater share of their budgets to content marketing, using more content marketing techniques, and using more social media tools to distribute content, UK marketers are seeing increased web traffic, leads and, ultimately, sales – in fact, previous research from the Content Marketing Association has shown that 70% of the UK population see content marketing every month, and 50% of them say that it has a positive impact on their purchasing decisions.

While the UK shows the most impressive commitment to content marketing, it’s important to note that the US and Australia certainly aren’t far behind.
Content marketing is an essential part of marketing and sales wherever you are on the globe. As Pulizzi concludes in his report summary: “On with the content marketing revolution!”