Why you shouldn’t under invest in your content strategy

Blogging manNew data from the Content Marketing Association (CMA) reveals that 61% of consumers look more favourably upon brands that make good use of content marketing.
Content is becoming an increasingly significant part of many digital marketing strategies – according to the CMA, 73% of marketers say that they will increase or maintain their existing content marketing budgets over the next twelve months. On average, 37% of marketing budgets are expected to be spent on content-led websites, compared with 30% on branded mobile apps and 25% on customer magazines.

Investing in content

Content can be a hugely effective part of any brand’s marketing campaign, but only if it is well executed. Julia Hutchison, the CMA’s chief operating officer, advised that brands should be wary of under investing in their content, and look to content specialists rather than marketers to produce valuable content that is relevant and engaging.
“It’s about understanding the quality in really good journalism, which approaches marketing in a different way. [A journalist] understands things like curation because the employ an editor’s point of view,” Hutchison expanded.

There are a number of advantages to good quality content – in addition to building a positive reputation with consumers, other benefits include improved ratings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and the generation of increased social media engagement, as content such as blog posts can be tweeted and liked as appropriate.

The dangers of poor quality content

However, content which is of poor quality or not optimised for search engines can have a damaging effect on a company – search engines are becoming increasingly intelligent and learning to differentiate well written, useful content from substandard content offerings. Including the latter on a webpage can have negative results, both in terms of reputation and positions in the SERPs.

Industry advice, from experts such as Charlie Muirhead, CEO of major online video distributor Rightster, asserts that businesses should invest both time and money into planning their content strategies – rush jobs and cobbled together articles will no longer cut it in a time where search engines are so advanced, and consumers are so aware.

Working with a content agency

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